Do you have your Ferrari in Park?

I wanted to take a moment to address one of the biggest mistakes that we see business owners make.  And it's one that effectively puts the brakes on the continued growth of your brand's social media channels.  

Jump on any jobs site like Monster, Indeed, or even Craigslist and you'll find post after post of business owners with the same ad:  they have a need for additional staff in some area of the business.  They need someone who will be doing onsite sales, or doing clerical and administrative work, or even receptionist and Admin Assistant work.  But they also know that they have a big void in their brand's social media presence.  They don't have a large social following, see no growth, make posts and content that continually gets 5 or 6 Likes/Comments.  Yet they know that everywhere they look, they see people engaged in their mobile devices, scouring their social channels, and ripe for the picking with regard to marketing and advertising.  

So the logical solution, in their minds, is to fill this staffing need and also tag on the need for Social Media Assistant, or Social Media Manager.  The ads will list the duties of sales or clerical, and then you'll find:  Must also be able to monitor and manage all of our social media, create content, and take care of our social media accounts.  

The assumption is this:  if someone is on social media all day and uses the platforms a ton, then they must be able to use them for our business and turn that into a revenue channel, right?

WRONG!  And for so many reasons...but I'll just touch on the high points.

First of all, let me begin by just unpacking exactly what social media offers to a brand.  Your company's social media channels are almost exactly like a Ferrari.  They are built from the ground up with an unbelievable amount of technology, thought, function, and intention.  They are a finely tuned machine that is capable of doing things that border on insanity.  In the hands of a skilled expert, they are capable of unbelievable performance.  Yet for most business owners, in their eyes they are somewhat of a misunderstood, clumsy, and way too overhyped platform.  It's as if they grab the keys, turn the ignition, and then sit in the parking lot for an hour listening to it idle.  

"I don't get it?  What's all this fuss about.  This is a waste of my time sitting here listening to a car idle while I get a sunburn."

But if only.........

If only they would drop it into gear, stomp on the pedal, race through the gears, and tear up a winding road.  

Most business owners have no idea that they have a Ferrari at their disposal, yet have never taken the car out of the parking lot.  They have the most effective, the most insanely targeted, and the most direct connection to their core clients in the history of the Earth....and they have no idea how to use it.

And they post the ad, looking to add Social Media Director onto a general employee and trust that because that person is "familiar" with Facebook or Instagram that they'll be an expert at it.  That's literally no different than hiring an 8yr old to wire your new home simply because you've seen him operate electricity.  Turning on light switches, running the microwave, watching TV.  He knows about electricity.  But he has no idea how to channel it, harness it, and make it an effective tool!  

So as a business owner, the innocent mistake is to bring on that new hire, dump the social media in their lap.  And then most often it leads to a tremendous disappointment when Facebook or Instagram continue to plod along with no results and no impact to revenues.

When you turn the keys over to an agency, you have given the Ferrari to a Formula 1 race car driver.  We pull on the gloves, flash a grin, and make things roar.  We can leverage the amazingly intricate targeting options and demographic data to connect your brand with the hottest core customers of yours.  We can reach people in a more direct and personal way than has ever been possible.  And we tell your story in a way, and through channels that make a significant impact on your brand's traction and awareness.  We bring people into the funnel and build a fire around your brand's story.  And turn it into results and revenues.  Wanna see what I'm talking about?  Here's some results for a client in the vacation industry who hired us:  Case Study

Our advice:  go ahead and hire that salesperson, receptionist, assistant.  And then call an agency and ask them how fast they can drive your Ferrari.  In almost all cases, the investment is pennies on the dollar compared to hiring staff.  And with real results, the ROI is 10x higher.  Very soon, the driver won't be the only one grinning!


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